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Sherry Rogers Carlson


Young Sherry 1962


Arlen belongs to a Fishing Club and often places in the top 3.

This is his Boat for fishing the Gulf besides his kayak. He traded this one in for one with a motor so he no longer has to paddle all the time.

AC still looking great at 74


Sherry taken in May 2018 at 74.  Letting my hair grow out.  Guess they were night and day pictures for some reason trying out makeup.


Mother at age 90.  She passed away July 6, 2018 at age 93 in Eldon, MO.  Nancy and I were both there but not at the exact time she passed.



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Most Florida Pools have cages so debris stays out  and helps with bugs I guess.  Geckos eat most bugs except mosquitoes. 

Taken from 56th Annual Alumni booklet for 50th year class of 1962,,,May 2012

Hello classmates.

Sherry (Rogers) Carlson.

1114 Carlton Rd

Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

Cell:  573-480-5764


Spouse:  Arlen W. Carlson from Clay Center Kansas (married 55 years on February 23, 2013)

 Children:  (2) Son, Kendal Warren (Debra Creasy Carlson) of Danville, VA.  Ken is a Systems Analyst with Siemens Corp. In his free time, He volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol as a pilot.  He hopes to eventually get his Commercial Pilot's license to be able to be an instructor. Debra is an Attorney and is employed as trust officer with a major bank in Danville, VA.

Ken and Debra have two children:  Conner and Marlene

               Daughter: Joy Lynn (Carlson) Ales, holds a dual degree in Business and Nursing. She got her Masters Degree in business in 2010.  She was a critical care nurse for many years but is now a consultant for Encore and spends her time traveling as she has clients for Cities in St. Louis &Pilly etc.  She loves her work.  She lives in Northern KC so she can be close to the KCI air port. 13 min.


Joy has two children:  Samuel and Simon.

Sam is an Alumni of KU and works for a large Insurance Co in the Greater KC area.  Simon is a Sophomore in College.

Arlen and I  purchased a  house in Tarpon Spring, Florida in 2012 intending to spending winters here....loved it so much we took up permanent residence within the year and are loving every single minute! 

Florida address:  1114 Carlton Rd, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689  Cell:  573-480-5764

HISTORY: A Month after Graduation, I headed to Topeka, KS to live with my Aunt and Uncle while I attended Clark’s School of Business in the Executive Secretarial course. 

At the “get acquainted party”  the first day of school, I was introduced to my husband, Arlen Carlson from Clay Center, KS.   We hit it off and “the rest is History”.

On  February 22, 1963, my (19th) birthday, I was hired as a Personal executive Secretary for Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Arlen and I  were married on February 23, 1963 in St. John’s Lutheran church, Topeka, KS .  We have NOW celebrated our 55th anniversary in 2018.

 Our son Kendal Warren Carlson showed up almost exactly 10 months after our wedding.  Surprise!  Joy Lynn followed 21 months later so we had to get serious about being responsible adults quickly.

I was lucky to have been able to be a stay at home Mom for a lot of our children’s lives.  I was fortunate to be able to take part time jobs with both Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company and Clark’s School of Business to keep my skills current.

In 1968 Arlen had an opportunity to buy his own Insurance and Real Estate Company in Herington, KS.  It was sad leaving the house we just bought in Topeka and moving to a smaller city, but it turned out to be a really good move for the family.  The secretary that came with the business ended up having to quit after just one year, so I then became Office Manager and worked with my Husband for many years.  I went on to become a licensed Insurance Agent, myself, and a Realtor with a GRI designation.

When Arlen reached the age of 38 he wanted a career change so he went to work for the Federal Government as a Federal Firefighter.  His schedule allowed him to still work some days in our business.  I kept it running when he was away.  When we finally decided to sell the Insurance and Real Estate business, I was offered a job with Edward D. Jones as a Registered Representative.  I had to take both the State and SEC tests to become licensed and then after 2 years I discovered I really hated being a Stock Broker.

As our kids were growing up and leaving our nest, I pondered what I wanted to be when I “grew up”.   I dabbled in  Interior decorating  and even took some art classes at Emporia State.  One of my fondest jobs was being Wedding Planner and seamstress extraordinaire  for our daughter, Joy’s wedding in 1989.  It took me most of the year to do all the planning, sew the dresses and pull off a lovely affair.

We sold our home of 20 years in January 1989 and bought one in Manhattan, KS,        closer to Arlen’s job at Fort Riley, KS.  I worked as Adult Education Enrollment Secretary for Manhattan Area Technical College for several years before we built  a house out east of Manhattan on 3 acres.  Then I became Gardener and lawn keeper (tried me get a lawn going anyway) and a seamstress and again dabbled in art by making and selling Life Sized Father Christmas figures.

In 2002 Arlen was ready to retire at age 59 ½ from the Fire Department.  He wanted to be able to fish every day and live on the water so we bought our present home at the Lake of  the Ozarks.  We also acquired a smaller 3 bedroom house one door away that we used as our personal Guest House and seasonal rental.   We have now leased both the big house and the rental house full time.

We love reconnecting with old friends.  We hope you all will e-mail us at: () or write a letter  1114 Carlton Rd, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689  or call us sometime 573-480-5764.  We love to have company so if any of you are coming our way, please let us know and we can make arrangements to get together.  We have downsized drastically and have a very small home, but there are tons of motels close by.



 Last Update  12/13/10

Grandson , Sam and his Beautiful gal, Megan when they came

 to visit us in Florida. 

They loved the beach and water and Boat.



Our hansom Simon is ready to head off to College at the University of Missouri in Springfield.  Such a nice guy too. 20


Our Sweet Conner and a date at a Formal of some kind will graduate with a Masters in Teaching in 2019.  He was MADE to Teach for sure.  A Sweeter person was never made.  He's 21 and goes to Radford in VA


Miss Marlene will be 19 in September and a Sophomore at Roanoke, VA on a Softball scholarship!  She also had a job this summer on campus.

Celebrating 50 years of Marriage picture

Sherry and Arlen Carlson....I'm blond but he's gray

Scroll Down:.......


New fun boat....6/29/09



Arlen sitting in blue, sherry to his right.  We hadn't been introduced yet.  June 1962



My  Life Sized Father Christmas figures that I made at one time.  I kept these and they are on display at Wilmore Lodge here at the lake every Christmas season. 

The little girl is a child's size 8 and the little boy a 6



Sunset from our deck

Son, Ken, took this picture of himself and Debra 12/2010

Ken's second Love is  the Civil Air Patrol.  He spends many hours serving and loves to fly those planes

Daughter, Joy Lynn (Carlson) Ales 2010

Joy and the Love of her life reunited 2017





New baby Allie and Boomer 2008

 Update:  October 28, 2010.  Our beloved Boomer dog went to heaven.  We were in Virginia visiting our grandchildren when he became so sick there was no choice.  We miss him every day.  He was 16 years old and had been with us 15 1/2 of those years.  


Allie's Velvet Christmas dress 2009

Allie and AC in Florida at Christmas time!

Allie driving her car



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