Pat Malloy

Taken from 56th Annual Alumni booklet for 50th year class of 1962,,,May 2012

Address:  3605 Fieldwood Drive, San Angelo, TX.  76904

e-mail address: 

Spouse:  Cheryl (Deceased January 2007)

Children:  Brent Malloy..42; Patrick Keefe..32 and Daniel Malloy..22

Grandchildren:  Brent's..Mina Sakurai Malloy & Kai Malloy; Patrick's...Brayden Keefe.

I am now retired and travel and volunteering are now my hobbies.

After graduating from high school, I attended Wayne State College and the University of Nebraska, obtaining a degree in 1970.  I spent 20 months in the Army and spent one year in Vietnam after college.

For the past 40 years while employed, I worked for the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, The North Platte Chamber of Commerce, The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and finally The San Angelo chamber of Commerce.







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Current Location - I have lived in San Angelo, Texas for the past 16 years.  It is a city of approximately 100,000 in West Central Texas.  Our larger neighboring communities are Abilene and Midland-Odessa.

Spouses Name & Where Was She Born:  My wife, Cheryl passed away in early 2007 after a 4 year battle with melanoma. Her maiden name was Frischie and she grew up on a farm around Scribner, NE. We met in an office in Lincoln. She worked for Centel Corporation and I worked in the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.  The husband of the head secretary at the Chamber worked for Centel, and I asked her to introduce us. After that, we dated for 4 years and got married in 1988.  After two previous marriages, I wanted to get this one right, and I did.
Occupation Before Retirement: I worked in community and economic development positions for 40 years: 12 years with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development in Lincoln, Scottsbluff, and Kearney, 3 years with the North Platte Development Corporation, 9 years with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, and 16 years with the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce. I retired in April of 2009 and plan to stay in sunny San Angelo.
Attend College:  I attended three "trimesters" at Wayne State College right out of high school and then transferred to the University of Nebraska around 1964. In my last year of college, I signed up for Warrant Officer Training in the Army so that I could fly helicopters.  I also was married that year.  I was unable to complete all of my courses at UN-L and went into the Army 2 hours short of a degree.  I ended up repairing helicopters in Viet Nam instead of flying them (probably a good deal!)  I returned home in 1969 to my family in Lincoln - wife Maggie and son Brent.  I also went to the UN-L Registrar and asked how I could pick up those two hours that kept me from getting my degree. In about the only break I got from the University was the Registrar giving me 2 hours of credit for "Physical Education" for my service in Viet Nam.  There was more metal fabrication and machining in my background than physical education.  About the only physical exertion was running into a bunker occasionally during rocket/mortar attacks or walking to the refrigerator to get a cold beer at night.
Spouse's Occupation Before Retirement:  Prior to her death, Cheryl was an elementary school secretary in San Angelo.  Previous jobs were with Centel Corporation and the Nebraska Department of Labor in Lincoln.
Favorite Place to Live:  San Angelo and Scottsbluff/Gering, NE have been my favorite places to live.  I like the smaller, isolated communities.  They tend to have a cohesive atmosphere of cooperation.  People work together much better if they are not in a large metro area or a suburb. It is over 200 miles from Austin, San Antonio and Fort Worth/Dallas from San Angelo.  While living in Scottsbluff, it was nothing to drive to Denver for a weekend or Wyoming for a quick ski trip. Lincoln was a good city to live in, but I never realized how much Nebraska football dominated every aspect of life until I moved away.
How Many Children:  I have one child from my first marriage - Brent, who is now around 40, a stepson Patrick (Cheryl's son) of 30, and our son Daniel who lives here in San Angelo and is 19 years old.  Brent works for a technology company in Cupertino, CA, Patrick is in the Navy in San Diego, and Daniel is has dropped out of Angelo State University and looking for a job here in San Angelo.
Grandchildren:  Yes, I have two: Brent and Chikako's, Mina and Kai.
Hobbies:  Really don't have any hobbies, but will dig the golf clubs out of the garage and see if that "magic" is still there.  When I lived in North Platte, I played a lot of golf.  I have also enjoyed hunting pheasants in Nebraska and may take that up again.  I do want to travel to all of the cities where I have attended trade shows or made business calls now that I have time to enjoy those cities. I may help my brother, Joe, harvest crops in the fall around Decatur, if he will trust me with heavy equipment, grain elevators, etc.

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