1959 Annual Dedication

  Mr. Louis Hughes,   Principal, English 1,2,3 & 4, Head Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach   


 Mr. Ken Frazier Science, Head Coach Football & Track

 Mr. Zimmerman Social Studies and Band


     The Class of 1959 wishes to express its appreciation to Mr. Hughes for his friendly advice and valuable contribution toward making our Junior and Senior years two of the most profitable and enjoyable years of our lives.  We wish to thank him for the time and energy he has spent as our adviser on this yearbook and in directing our Junior and Senior Class Plays.

     To show you in a small way our gratitude and appreciation, we, the Senior Class of "59", dedicate this, the "Bulldog," to you, Mr. Hughes.    

Class of 1959

 Alumni Banquet, May 24, 2009

Honored Teacher for the Class of 1959, Mrs. Rita Williams Lipps,

Rita Williams Lipps

Address:  2003 Scott Ave, Tekamah, NE 68061

Spouse:  Wayne Lipps

Children:  Thomas Lipps and Jann Lipps

Grandchildren:  Kirsten Lipps 17 and Samuel Lipps 14

 To the class of 1959,

     A part of me always remains in Decatur and I am honored that you have asked me to join you for this special occasion.  You are the last class I taught in Decatur (1953).  I got married in the fall after I left.

     I lived on a farm northeast of Tekamah for 34 years.  I had two children and was a 4-H leader and  Cub Scouts leader.  I did some substitute teaching in Tekamah.  I was active in Democratic Women and the Democratic Party.  I helped in many campaigns.  I attended two White House receptions when Jimmy Carter was President.  I became active in farm organizations and lobbied for farm policy.

     I got interested in antiques and opened up an shop called Summer Kitchen Antiques.  I have attended many elderhostels in many states.  I retired in 1990 and moved to Tekamah. 

     Our daughters work for the United Airlines so free tickets allowed us to travel extensively in the United States and also to Europe and Asia.  I like to play golf and we spent many winters in Arizona.

     I got interested in genealogy because of five direct ancestors who came over on the Mayflower.  We went to Massachusetts many times to visit graves of ancestors.

     I have spent as much time as possible with our two grandchildren and we now keep an apartment in northern Iowa where we spend a lot of time attending all of their sports activities.  Winters in Northern Iowa are even worse than ours, but it's worth it.

     This class, like the others I taught before the, were such a kind, interesting, well mannered, wonderful group of boys and girls and I have carried a warm feeling in my heart forever for these kids.




Mr. Warren F. Kessinger, High School Superintendent, Algebra 1, Geometry

          Mrs. Ken Frazier  Home Economics, American History


    Lillian Haatvedt Commercial


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